Vietnam Trip

Saturday, March 16, 2013


My idea of travelling is the ability to experience different cultures which I absolutely enjoy. I love seeing different types of people, living in different types of cities and doing the different things these different people do. For instance, when I went to France, it was an absolute joy to just walk around. Although we stayed in one of the shabby arrondisements with its dodgy alleys and dark pathways, it was nevertheless fun. I remember popping into a Chinese restaurant on one of these dark paths and having a really good dinner on our first day there. It was absolute joy to enjoy something so familiar in an unfamiliar place and setting.

Even going to Mcdonalds was so much fun. :)

I'm making it a point to fill my life with travels. I will not buy a house in my lifetime but instead spend that money putting it towards travelling and perhaps someday fulfilling the ultimate dream of retiring in a cozy quiet French town.

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