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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Star Trek Exhibition at Pusat Sains Negara or National Science Centre Malaysia

There were some clever puns at play
And so the Star Trek exhibition is here in Malaysia, it has been for quite awhile now. Astro subscribers get free entry by presenting their Astro bill (valid only for bills from January - March 2013) and for one account per free ticket. I also  understand there's a free Touch N Go redemption but not sure how it works.

As a Star Trek fan, I must say I have been pretty disappointed with the Exhibition. I understand that it has come all the way from the United States but it is housed in our very sad National Science Centre that is poorly maintained and feels like a very kitsch-y, North Korean-stuck-in-time thing. Oh well nevertheless, its RM20.00nett per entry if you do not redeem the free ticket. 

The bridge. Every Captain's dream
The moment you enter, there are some movie posters and some transcripts as well as some sketches. Then some explanations and you also get to see some of the props they use like the captain's room, his uniforms etc. Some phasers, some Pads (Startrek themed Ipads) and more uniforms and some ships. There's also a bridge where you can sit and have your photos taken. And that's it, at the end there's a little souvenir corner with ovepriced souvenirs and the option to have your photo printed in 3D or 2D at a hefty fee.

In the TV show, these could be pressed :P and it made beeping sounds.
To be honest, it was disappointing. The venue and how it was so poorly put together (like someone just decided to move everything and plonk it there). Although I still do very much like Star Trek, I believe that more could have been done for the Kuala Lumpur leg of the exhibition. Oh well! :)

The pee smelling National Science Centre with its fair share of village kids is not interesting at all :) So skip all of that. Plus the little aquarium with lots of Patin fish @_@ Like, so dumb? :)

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