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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Saigon Hot Pot

During my trip to Saigon, I engaged in a free, student run tour by the name of Saigon Hot Pot. All it took was for me to email them and they reverted promptly with a confirmation and on the day of the tour, I met my friendly guide, Phuong. We went to all sorts of places where he told me all sorts and it was really good to have a local guide you through the wonders of Saigon. We even had a delicious lunch & even had time for Ice cream which was his favourite.

I think I couldn't have enjoyed Saigon better without my guide. The free tours offered by Saigon Hotpot are really free & Phuong refused my tip, so instead I bought him ice cream :) It was a really good experience too meeting someone, a complete stranger about your age, to show you the wonders of his country. I think KL should have something like this too :)

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