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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Missing Children in Today's Day & Time

Over the 23 years of my lifespan, I've read numerous reports about missing children and how they've all somehow never been found or brutally found dead/raped etc. People say that the world is becoming a more cruel place, inflation and the economy has forced some people to do things they don't want to do (ie: ransom money pays) and all of that, but I on the other hand, beg to differ. I think parents and people in general are becoming more and more negligent. Back when I was younger, to cycle around in the neighbourhood was nothing, there were no neighbourhood watches and basically no need for additional security apart from the gate in front your house. But also because our parents practiced some degree of common sense and logic, by ensuring that we were always accompanied or under the watchful eye of an adult or someone they trusted. I remember cycling on weekends and my dad would sit by the front yard and watch, or we would cycle with our neighbours and their grandmother or maid would also be keeping a watchful eye. 

Sadly, thesedays some parents just lack the basic sense of care and responsibility. I'm not a dad yet but I think I wouldn't leave my 3 kids alone in a car as I stopped momentarily to take a quick look at the shops. I am naturally a bit paranoid but also a bit more careful I'd say. 

Truth to be told, I did go missing once when I was younger. It was in Mines Wonderland and my mom had allowed me to go to the toilet on my own and when I came back, all the trees looked the same but my parents were nowhere to be seen. Thank the heavens that someone recognized me and immediately brought me to my parents, otherwise I could very well be in the jungles somewhere or probably would have floated down the mouth of the Klang river, who knows? Now if my mom had been a little bit more careful (I do not blame her of course, I clearly remember saying I could do it on my own), I would not have had to be in that situation that day. 

May the little boy who was found dead rest in peace and may he forgive his parents for their lack of care.

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